God Has Sent To Us One Of His Angels --
Full Of Beauty, Charm and Grace --
Possessing The Voice Of A Heavenly Choir
--To Share With Us His Gift Of Music !!

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Dear Sissel,

I would REALLY like to take this opportunity to convey directly to you how VERY much that I love, appreciate and admire your "other-worldly" talent, voice and person !! I well know that I am but one among many, MANY tens-of-thousands of your admirers, and that your time is VERY limited. However, whatever amount of it that you can spare to read ANY of the following would be appreciated beyond words !!

One of the MANY things about your singing that absolutely astounds me is that you can give the same "World- Class" performance to whatever you sing, regardless of the genre of music. You can sing a fun, innocently flirtatious cabaret number like "Surrender", "Tätt intill dej" or "A Time to Love, a Time to Cry" ---- a deeply emotional presentation like "Saknar Dig Nu", "Jeg lagde meg s� silde", "O Mio Babbino Caro" or "Eg Ser" ------ to a profoundly moving, spiritual rendition like "O Holy Night", "To God be the Glory", "Ingen Vinner Frem" or the 2019 performance of "Slow Down".

When I listen to your rendition of "Eg Ser" [ Click HERE ] from 2001, I watch your face, your eyes - and listen to the expression of your voice. Throughout most of the song, they are very pensive and serious. Then, during the last stanza, joy comes into your face, and during the last line ("I have made death into life for you"), your face just shines with joy and happiness !!

Likewise, when you performed "Jeg lagde meg s� silde" [ Click HERE ] at Dalhalla in 2006, it was evident from your face and body that, in much of the song, that you were transported out of yourself into another state of consciousness. As a commentor on YouTube stated, "When Sissel is singing, she enters into and becomes the song, and the song becomes her" !!

In BOTH of these songs - and SO MANY others - combining the haunting, ethereal quality of your voice and singing with the almost other-worldly beauty and expression of your face -- something rises up within my heart and spirit. It is a combination of aching - joy - longing--- that brings both a joyfulness to my heart and tears to my eyes at the same time. SURELY the Spirit of God moves through this beautiful vessel of His Beauty, Joy and Love !!

In my mind, you are NOT JUST a singer, a performer or an entertainer -- but a TRUE Artist. To me, an Artist is one who can take their Art and so convey it in their chosen medium that others can sense, feel and become a part of what was in the Artist's heart, soul and spirit - what THEY were feeling and experiencing. This you do "par excellence" !!

Another thing that I have observed about your singing is that you don't need a "dancing circus" or a stage full of half-naked bodies to maintain the attention of your audience !! In your performances - the audience is sitting there giving you their undivided attention by virtue of YOUR singing, persona and charisma ALONE !! You also ALWAYS appear as the ideal embodiment of the best qualities of what USED to be called "feminine" -- always a "perfect lady" !!

I could go on with exuberant praise for just about EVERY song that you have performed, and I have watched over 500 of them - each one MANY times over !! I have even set aside a place on our WEB site for you, featuring over 500 of your videos and concerts from YouTube, divided into 16 Categories. These can be viewed in the on-page video windows. I also direct the viewers to additional information concerning you. Go [ HERE ] to access the page.

I, along with most of the commentors on YouTube, applaud you as being a MOST beautiful person - inside and outside - with fabulous gifts and talents. However, even more than by your singing, I am drawn by the radiance of the "Spirit of God" working in and through you. You have nothing to do with "religion", yet to me, God's Spirit shines brightly through you !! Many commentators, sensing these qualities, and being at a loss as how to better describe you, comment, "Truly God has sent one of His heavenly Angels to sing and live among us" !!

I believe that it is His JOY to be able to bring a small measure of His Beauty, Compassion, Joy, Love, Simplicity, and downright FUN to this lonely, lost and hurting world -- and He has found one in YOU through whom He can do it!! I believe that His heart longs to enable His children to see a little of His REAL heart - rather than the spirit of Judgment, Doom and Destruction that is too often portrayed of Him - and is, unfortunately, too often a necessary part of His Work. It was pointed out to me once that it says in the OT Book of Isiah that, "Judgment is God's strange work and his strange act" -- mercy and love being His preferred mode of operation.

I think that 2011, when you performed "Saknar Dig Nu" [ Click HERE ] and "Tätt intill dej" [ Click HERE ] , MUST have been one of the MOST physically beautiful and stunning periods of your life (2004-2014, 35-45) !! In these performances you are absolutely, hypnotically alluring !! I don't see how ANY man that still had a pulse could resist your siren-like attraction !! Every time that I listen to these songs, my heart aches to embrace and hold one of such love, warmth and beauty.

Everything about these performances is mesmerizing -- the caress of your soft-alluring voice, the melody, the hauntingly beautiful poetry of the words as they are sung in Norwegian, your look of seductive innocence, your captivating smile and eyes -- not to mention the unbearable beauty of your entire face and being !! When you sing the chorus or refrain in "Saknar Dig Nu", I can feel the aching in my own heart and the tears welling up inside. When you sing "When it is all over" and "I miss you" - at THAT moment - I believe that YOU are feeling the grief of separation and conveying that feeling to your audience !!

It was said of the ancient goddesses that - should a human behold their radiance and beauty - he/she would be consumed by their splendor. I think that YOU come as close to this as human capacity will allow !!

Almost from the first time that I was introduced to your singing, I felt in my spirit that you ARE and always HAVE been a dreamer, a searcher, a wanderer and an explorer in heart and spirit - on a "spiritual quest". You realized that something of EXTREME value had been lost or misplaced - it isn't here anymore, it is missing - and you must search for and find it !! Your life will feel empty, incomplete, unfulfilled - with an aching, longing and yearning crying out inside until it is found. You don't know WHAT it is that was lost, WHEN or WHERE it was lost, or even HOW to begin the search. You only knows that you MUST search until either you find it or you die !!

I believe that it is THIS quality or "gift" (at least in part) that accounts for your mesmerizing power over your audience. You charismatically impart this longing to your listeners, and induce them to feel a "part of your search and journey". Only speaking and understanding English myself, I notice this quality far more when you are singing in Norwegian, where I am NOT distracted by the words of the song.

As I stated, I have viewed over 500 of your videos. I sense that this quality was ALWAYS there in many of the songs that you chose, and in the singing itself, and has grown more intense and prominent as you have matured. I believe that this is a "Spiritual Quest", and NOT to be fulfilled in ANY person, place or thing. However, in your first "Trilogy", this longing was personified by you into the concept of a dearly beloved one who has departed to a great distance away - and you MUST go to search for and find him, no matter what the cost or danger might be !!

I think that the song, "The Impossible Dream", that you gave such a magnificent rendering of at a concert in January 2020 [ Click HERE ], expresses this spirit perfectly. I know that it was (and is) the spirit that has predominated in MY heart from my earliest remembrance - long before God through Jesus Christ drew me to Him !!

Perhaps it is through your PASSION for music and singing that you touch the hem of the garment of Him whom you have sought after for your entire life).

Finally, one of your "crowning performances" was "Slow Down" in 2019 with the Tabernacle Choir [ Click HERE ] !! This was not JUST a "performance". It was a ministration by God - with His Spirit working through a yielded vessel who was pleased to allow Him to use the tremendous, other-worldly gifts and talent that she was given so that He might express His Love and Peace to a hurting, broken world !!

I listened to your voice - perfect in tone, pitch and cadence - drawing me into that STILL, quite place. I looked at your face - the embodiment of calm, joy, love and peace. I saw how you used your body-language and the gestures of your hands to calm, soothe and direct. Throughout the song, but especially at the end, with your hands folded over your heart in prayer - you were transcended into the song and into the presence of God -- beckoning all who were there to come join you. God was beckoning to ALL who would hear, "Come, be still before me, find the peace that you yearn for, and KNOW that I am God!!"

This "Spiritual Journey" was NOT lost on the choir, orchestra, nor the audience in attendance. They may not have known EXACTLY what it was that they had just experienced, but they DEFINITELY knew that it was something that transcended everyday, ordinary experience. They reacted with the standing ovation, by which they EXCEEDINGLY honored you as the bearer of said Gift and Spirit!!

Two of your songs that I recently added to my YouTube channel seem to reinforce (in MY mind, at least), something that I have sensed in my spirit from the beginning of listening to you. That is, despite your VERY positive, upbeat and forward-looking persona - there exists deep within your heart and spirit a deep longing and emptiness for something indescribable and not-yet obtained. Also, I sense a VERY deep and painful hurt that you sustained at some point in your life. These feeling seem to come across in SO many of the songs that you choose to sing!

Of course, I might be totally wrong ??

I include the comments that I posted with these songs

"Only Love Can Break Your Heart" -- [ Click HERE ]

"I have NEVER heard another singer like Sissel who, no matter what song or type of song it might be, does it with such heartfelt expression and emotion. She makes it appear that, not only has SHE known and felt the experience of which she is singing - but she also conveys those feelings to the listener and enables him/her to feel and experience them also. When she performs a song so full of feeling and pathos as is this one, it literally makes my heart ache with her !!"

Your solo performance of "Dagane - The Days" -- [ Click HERE ]

"Another Timeless Jewel. It seems that no matter what genre or style of song that Sissel performs, it is ALWAYS a priceless treasure !! I have almost come to the point where I ACTUALLY prefer to hear her sing in Norwegian rather than in English. While I may not understand the words, I CERTAINLY understand the emotion and feeling that she expresses through the tone and inflection of her voice, her eyes, her face, her hands and her overall body language !! HERE, in this song - I sense loss, longing, and pain !!"

"Her singing voice is as magnificent as ever, and she has CERTAINLY gotten more beautiful with age. I guess that it is true as they say, 'Fine wine improves with age' !!"

My family has commented to the effect that, "I am VERY biased in Sissel's favor, and view everything that she is and does through "rose-colored glasses" !! I told them, "I am actually VERY impartial. Am I to blame if EVERYTHING that she IS and DOES is Sheer Perfection" ??? (Ha-ha -Smile!)

These closing observations express MY opinion as to why you have left (and continue to leave) such a supernatural impression upon the tens-of-thousands of your ardent fans and admirers over the years:

I believe that the words to this song express the core or foundation of your Heart and Spirit:

You ask me what I want, You ask me what I need.
It's nothing you can buy, My heart's not ruled by greed.
I don't love a diamond, diamond's you see through.
I want you to hold me, I want you to be true.
Give me the gift of your sweet love.

One of the things that REALLY impressed me as attesting to your modesty and solid sense of TRUE Value was a statement that you made during an interview. You stated that, when you were about 19 years old, you were approached by a "big name" in the American Music Industry, offering you an opportunity to move to the USA and become what THEY called "a big star". You declined, stating (to the effect) that you did NOT want to be put into someone else's "box", but wanted to be free to "chart your OWN course and seek your OWN star"!!

You once said in another interview that you never wanted to be a "Star", and that you didn't sing for money or fame. You sang for the sheer JOY of it - because you HAD to sing - singing was your lifeblood !! If the Joy ever went out of your singing, you would stop.

A comment someone left on YouTube says it VERY well. This person stated that, "they had heard many of Sissel's CD/DVD's, but there was NO comparison to finally seeing and hearing her live on stage." They said that, "they knew that here wasn't just another 'singer/ performer/ entertainer' - but that they were honored to be in the presence of TRUE Greatness (a Great Soul)."

I believe that the "great power" that guided and empowered the growth and development in your life is that, "You know who you are, where you came from and where you are going" !! You knew your calling, gifting, and purpose -- to sing !! You knew that your Talent and your Gift came from God, and would one day return back to Him. This knowledge gave you the direction, security and strength that enabled you to take the necessary steps and actions in order to allow All that God created you to be to unfold and become actualized !!

You also stated in an interview that, while you were in your early-to-mid 20's, "you found it hard to live with the Angelic reputation that people had given to you." They did this, you stated, because up to that time you had long, honey-brown hair - along with your angelic face and demeanor, and the type of songs that you sang. Your friends also told you that, "You were NOT an Angel" !

Perhaps that was one of the reasons for your change around 1994 to what one YouTube commentator described as your, "dark, prison cut hairstyle and drab, black attire", as seen in your "Live in Japan" concert of 1994 -- [ Click HERE ].

Maybe you STILL find it hard to live with the image that so many tens-of-thousands have of you (MYSELF included) as a "Beautiful, Angelic Gift from God". That is, however, in MY mind, what you CERTAINLY are -- "A Divine Gift of Love" from our Creator to share His Beauty, Joy and Love with mankind -- a Heavenly Treasure in an earthen vessel !! It isn't JUST your unequaled Voice or your extraordinary Talent that is the Gift. It is the ENTIRE package that God created to be that unique being called "Sissel" !!

Someone left a comment on YouTube with one of your videos to the effect of, "God (life) is CERTAINLY not 'fair'. Not only has Sissel been given one of the most beautiful singing voices among mankind -- but she has also been endowed with dazzling beauty and hypnotic charisma, charm, and grace" !!

Another person (with malice) stated that, "he didn't think much of a 'god' who singled out one person for such extravagant gifting while leaving others in poverty and misery".

I have often pondered this mystery over the years of my Christian life. In YOUR case, I have come to the satisfactory conclusion that God found in YOU "a person after His Heart" - one sufficiently humble and modest - one upon whom He could shower His gifts and blessings, who would in return honor Him with them and use them to bless his children of creation.

I have CAREFULLY listened to and watched your videos from your teen years up to present day (2023). I have noticed that YES, God most certainly GAVE to you the "seed of Grace and Talent" - but like the seed of a beautiful and precious flower, it will ONLY grow and blossom through MUCH care, cultivation and hard work. Untended and left to itself, it will often merely wither and rot in the earth.

I have observed how the "seed that God planted in you" - through what I am sure was a tremendous amount of commitment, dedication, discipline, love, and plain old "HARD WORK" on YOUR part - has blossomed over the years into a truly beautiful, magnificent, and other-worldly flower. I refer not only to your voice, but to your captivating inner and outer beauty, your mesmerizing charisma, and your overwhelming confidence in who you are as manifested in your "stage presence" and in your overall life !!

You have achieved ALL of what the "feminists" are clattering about (and MUCH more) without losing, in the process, your God-given humanity and that which distinguishes you as a woman -- your FEMININITY (in its BEST and fullest sense) !!

You are not out trying to be, nor protesting for, nor allowing OTHERS to twist and shape you into something that God did not make you nor intend for you to be - nor that you do not wish to be. You are VERY happy and proud to be what God made and intended you to be -- a VERY beautiful, feminine and lady-like WOMAN !! Rather - you have spent your life discovering, developing and maximizing those VERY considerable gifts and talents which God HAS seen fit to entrust to you, and which you joyfully return back to Him !!

It seems like your goal is to be and give the VERY finest in what you are and what you do - and THAT you do in abundance. In every one of your performances that I have viewed, EVERYTHING - your person, makeup, hair, clothing, voice, presentation, stage set, music arrangements and choral and musical (vocal) accompaniment are ALWAYS done to the maximum of aesthetic and technical perfection !! !

It has been almost two years since I first discovered you on YouTube (2021). At first, I was captivated by your unequaled voice, your captivating beauty and your mesmerizing charisma. As I have listened to and drunk DEEPLY of YOUR spirit and the spirit expressed by the over 500 performances that I have viewed, I am now overawed by your IMMENSE Talent and Versatility !!

I have watched in awe as you perform almost ANY genre of music with your flawless perfection. I have seen how you captivate and mesmerize your audience by YOUR Charisma, Energy, Persona and Talent ALONE !! I have listened to you sing fluidly and flawlessly in numerous languages, as well as marveled over those songs that you personally wrote lyrics for, like "Adagio" [ Click HERE ] and "The Old Castle" [ Click HERE ]. Also, the five "Trilogies" that you and your husband wrote during the 2000-2023 period.

There are NO bounds nor limits to my admiration, appreciation, love and respect for your Person, your Talent and what you have achieved with your life !! I do not believe that it would be overstating the matter in ANY way to observe that you are truly a once-in-a lifetime prodigy in the realm of your art - akin to Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Chopin and Einstein. To MY mind, you are without peer in respect to the immensity of your Gifting, Talent and Versatility !!

To "Place the Crown upon ALL of these Glories", despite ALL that has been attributed to you, you STILL possess those twin pearls of incomparable beauty -- Humility and Modesty. There is a joke that I heard that applies well to you, "Modesty is a wonderful virtue, but when you have so-o-o much to be humble about, it is VERY hard." You Sissel, do indeed have VERY much to be humble about, and you succeed very well !!

There are those on YouTube (and I agree with them in spirit if not in literal detail) who feel that your are NOT of THIS world - that you are a one-time Gift and special Creation sent from our creator above, to express His Love and Glory to mankind. Their similes MAY be rather fanciful and exaggerated, but I DO understand the point that they are trying to make. They have RIGHTLY discerned and noted that you are FAR above the average cut of mankind, and one whose like we shall not likely to be privileged to know again anytime soon !!

Pertaining to "Angels", when I listened to this song [ Click HERE ] today, the following thought came to mind:

Usually "Angels" are depicted (in art) as ultra-sweet, rather childish/girlish looking figures. Somewhere I read of a much better picture - as beings of such grandeur, perfection, power and purity - that to behold their mere presence scorches and consumes your soul and body !!

This is sometimes the impression that I get of YOU, Sissel -- such child-like beauty, innocence, love and simplicity in your voice -- and yet such majesty and splendor in your being !!

I have felt this from the beginning, but could not define my impression. The other day, as I watched your 2022 live performance of "Hjem (Home)" [ Click HERE ], I saw clearly what I had ONLY previously perceived subconsciously. As I observed your face as you sang, in my "mind's eye" I SAW a glow, a radiance - like a bright light shining from your face. When I looked at the faces of the audience, they (in comparison) were dark and dull, like the light had not yet been turned on !!

When you sing, it is not JUST that you have a beautiful, melodic voice - I am sure that MANY have had, do and shall have again. Your voice, however, is like the siren call from Homer's Odyssey. It strikes a cord deep within my soul and spirit, captivating and mesmerizing me - drawing me inward toward your spirit - where I willingly become a captive to your power. Again, others on YouTube have made similar comments -- you bewitch them, cast a spell over them - you are a sorceress , a white witch or perhaps a fairy queen !

We are ALL saying the same thing using different modes of expression - that God has INDEED endowed you with "supernatural" charisma, gifting and talent -- FAR above the average "human measure". I believe that you certainly recognize this for yourself, though I can imagine that it might make you a tad uncomfortable to have it expressed in such blatant and superlative terms - as they say, "To put you up upon SUCH a high pedestal" !

It CERTAINLY comes through in MANY of your performances - that when you get up on the stage, YOU are in command - the audience is under YOUR power, and they will feel and experience what YOU want them to feel and experience. It has been noted that you show forth an overwhelming confidence and "stage presence" when you enter your chosen arena -- when Sissel moves outside of herself, outside of her "natural" boundaries, and becomes and shows forth ALL that God has empowered her to be !!

Your pure Love of Singing is what makes every song that you sing sparkle with a special life and vibrancy. It is also MOST evident that you are in your TRUE domain when you are in front of a LIVE audience, where you can experience THEIR love of listening to you !!

I tried one day to find the "perfect performance" by you that would showcase the finest of your talent and person to share with a friend. Guess what -- no matter HOW hard I tried, I could NOT find ONE "perfect performance". As I would watch and consider different videos, each one, in its own way, was "Perfect and the Best" !!

As I shared with someone recently who was complaining that, in their opinion, to be objective, your talent should be considered SOLELY in terms of the quality of your voice and not tied to your appearance or person. I told them that, in MY mind and that of tens-of-thousands of your ardent admirers, your Gift and Talent encompasses your WHOLE person and not just your voice in isolation !! I agree FULLY - to get the FULL appreciation of your Gifts and Talent, one must not only HEAR you, but SEE you also !!

You are like a perfect diamond, each facet sparkling with the gleam of your various attributes - your Voice, your Inner Beauty, your Outer beauty, your Smile, your Eyes, your Charisma. One facet can not be separated from another. They ALL sparkle together to radiate the beauty of the precious gem. Thus it is with YOU - when God gifted mankind with your Talent, it wasn't JUST your Voice that He gave, but rather the ENTIRE being known as "Sissel" !!

Your beauties are the splendor of the Divine, reflecting and refracting off and through you -- as the beauty of the diamond is the splendor of the Light reflecting and refracting through IT !!

God has placed it on my heart to pray for you often. I pray that He will guard you and keep you safe from ALL harm - spiritual as well as physical. I pray that He will continue to fill you with an OVERFLOWING measure of His Compassion, Grace, Joy, Love and most of all - with the power of His Spirit - that you may continue to pour them out upon your audiences !!

One of my GREATEST prayers is that, before I "Go Home", I might be able to visit Norway and see you in person !!

I send to you the greatest measure of Love in Jesus Christ,

Sissel Kyrkjebø, the international singing sensation and national treasure of Norway, is established as one of the world’s leading crossover sopranos. Her angelic and powerful voice has made Sissel a national institution and she has sung all over the world, selling over ten million solo albums. She has contributed haunting vocal tracks for the soundtrack to Titanic and The Lord of the Rings, and has been performing duets with singers like Charles Aznavour, Andrea Bocelli, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, Mario Frangoulis, Josh Groban, Brian May, Neil Sedaka, Bryn Terfel and Russell Watson.

In 2005, she was knighted by the King of Norway, as the youngest ever to receive this honour. In 2006, her album 'The Spirit of the Season' with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir went to number-one on the Billboard Classical Charts, and received a Grammy nomination. A very remarkable voice that only comes once in our lifetime.

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