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Christian Musician,
Writer and Prophet

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  Dedication to Keith Green -- by the Editor 

  History of Keith Green 

  The True Legacy of Keith Green  

  A Conversation with Last Days Ministries 

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  Download a FREE eBook, "Lost Writings of Keith Green" 

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Misc. Reference Information

  Click [ HERE ] to access a collection of reference material discussing, "Roman Catholic Dogma vs. Christian Biblical Truth" 

** NOTE: Included is, "Roman Catholicism", by Loraine Boettner. This is the book that Keith Green used to research "The Catholic Chronicles".

Works by Keith Green

We DEEPLY regret that, due to the "Worldly Powers" at the now Last Days Ministry, I was forced to stop distribution of these articles because it infringed upon THEIR Copyright Rights !! Even though I produced them at MY expense, and have been distributing them TOTALLY without cost (the model that Last Days originally embraced before MONEY became so important to them), again at MY expense, as a tribute and a memorial to Keith.

It is a good thing that Paul and the other apostles didn't copyright their letters, or we might not have a Bible today. As Keith reflected in one of his tracts relating to Gospel music (which, incidently, is one of those NO LONGER available), "A sad day for Christianity when money becomes 'god'" !!!!

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  You may, however, still access The Catholic Chronicles at a different WEB Site by clicking [ HERE ] !!  

  You may STILL read "What's Wrong With the Gospel?" at a different WEB Site by clicking Here: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ].  

  The Catholic Chronicles in Four Parts  

  Follow The Right Gospel, from "Cry In The Wilderness"  

 Unity --- At What Price ?? 

 What's Wrong With the Gospel? Section 1: -- "The Missing Parts" 

 What's Wrong With the Gospel? Section 2: -- "The Added Parts"  

 The "Selling" of Jesus  

 A Cry In the Wilderness  

These documents were collected from numerious sources on the InterNet.
Our undying gratitude is extended to Keith Green for his honesty, courage, zeal and love of our Lord Jesus Christ! Last modified on 07/28/2020.

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