A Conversation with Last Days Ministries


The first part is an email request to an evangelical ministry. 
The second part is their answer.

  1. Original email-

  I remember reading some of your old tracts. One series was on Roman Catholicism. I did not see this offered on your website, but these were excellent tools for evangelizing and/or teaching. Do you still have some of these? I am trying to get together as many different types of tracts to hand out this coming year. The Catholics have deemed it "J2K" for Jubilee Two Thousand. Many of the churches in my area are going in for ecumenism. They plan to hold rallies in Sacramento, CA, where a major push for unity at any price is building. Hope to hear from you. Please include prices. God bless.   Chris.

  2. The reply- 

Date:    Wed, 24 Nov 99 10:57AM PST 

From:   Name omitted to protect this website, not theirs

To:       Chris

Subject:  Re: Old tracts I remember

  November 24, 1999

  Dear Chris,

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus! Thanks so much for writing and sharing your request with us. We have not distributed the Catholic Chronicles for many years now. We feel we would not have discontinued them unless we felt this was the Lord's direction for us. Although the American Tract Society will be reprinting and distributing most of our tracts, in keeping with the spirit of the decision to stop distributing the Catholic Chronicles, we are not giving permission for anyone else to reprint or translate them nor are they available from any other source.

We have never believed that the Catholic Church is a cult in the same way as Mormons etc. ----- (I CERTAINLY do NOT understand WHY ??? - The Editor ???????) We would like to repeat a notice that Keith wrote when originally writing the Catholic Chronicle series. "In pursuing this subject, I want to make it COMPLETELY understood that neither I nor anyone else at Last Days Ministries has anything at all personally against Catholics. WE KNOW OF MANY LOVING, COMMITTED AND SINCERE BELIEVERS AMONG THEIR RANKS." ... "Although it might be unavoidable to have given that impression, it was never our desire to be thought of as 'one of those anti-Catholic organizations.'"

Sometimes the "official" doctrine of a church body is something other than what is being preached there. That is, there is an inconsistency between their written creed and what is practiced. The bottom line is to share the truth of God in all humility and love so that it is Christ within us and His love that draws people to a saving knowledge of Himself. We are sure that a personal approach, using an opportunity to express Christ's love, is the better and more excellent way as expressed in I Corinthians 13.

If you are looking for reliable scripture-based information about the Catholic Church, we would suggest that you obtain pamphlets explaining the scriptural interpretation of those various doctrines with which most non-Catholic groups differ. These pamphlets can be obtained from a Catholic publishing company,


At that time, you can see the differences between their interpretation and your interpretation of certain scriptures before differing with your friends and relatives who might be members of the Catholic Church. We understand your desire to share with those who do not know the Lord Jesus, but we believe it is important to show your love and interest in them first. A wise man once said that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. We really find that to be true. We hope you will accept this in the spirit of love in which it is meant.

Although we are no longer publishing a printed Magazine, Last Days is still active in bringing our ministry materials to many and we are still continuing to work on ministry projects (like the four new releases of Keith's music). We are responding to those who want us to remain a source of Christian encouragement and we are now in the process of greatly enlarging our Web Site. We'll be offering more ministry materials, Christian articles, opportunities to interact with fellow Christians, opportunities for non‑believers to learn more about Jesus, etc. It will be like an online Newsletter and much, much more. Later, as the Lord leads, we will be doing other projects and events. So keep in touch and, if you have internet access, don't forget to check our Site from time to time (www.lastdaysministries.org).

Many of our tracts will continue to be available through the AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY, P.O. BOX 462008, GARLAND, TX 75046 (PHONE ORDERING: 1‑800‑548‑7228; FAX#: 972 272‑9642). Some of our tracts are now out of print at American Tract Society. If any of the tracts you want are no longer available through ATS, we do have some copies of these tracts here at our office. We can send you tracts or photocopies (a maximum quantity of 25 per order) from here under our own copyrights at 15 cents each plus $2.50 for shipping and handling (send to: LAST DAYS MINISTRIES, P.O. BOX 40, LINDALE, TX 75771). We're sorry, but we cannot give you permission to recopy any of our tracts and distribute them yourself, as this might jeopardize our copyrights. Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, we are not able to continue our "Whatever You Can Afford" policy.

Our audio and videotapes as well as some other materials will be available through YWAM PUBLISHING, P.O. BOX 55787, SEATTLE, WA 98155 (PHONE ORDERING: 1‑800‑922 2143; FAX#: 1‑425‑775‑2383). They are also carrying "No Compromise," "The Last Days Collection" and most of Keith's music. A CRY IN THE WILDERNESS is temporarily out of print. It will be available early next year under the title, IF YOU LOVE THE LORD in a devotional format. You can order it through a Christian bookstore or from the Web through "www.christianbook.com" (Stock No. 03208). Other books can be ordered through local Christian bookstores. Any of the fine art offered through the catalogue can be purchased through CHRISTIAN ART GUILD, 25500 COUNTY ROAD 462, MINEOLA, TX 75773 (PHONE: 903‑569‑5161; FAX: 903‑569‑2820).

Last Days does have a Web Site ("www.lastdaysministries.org") on the Internet. You can download any of our tracts, particularly those that are now out of print, for your personal use. However, you may not distribute any printout to others, as this might jeopardize our copyrights. Our office here in Texas will remain open for mail and referrals (P.O. BOX 40, LINDALE, TX 75771). We will endeavor to keep all our friends informed about future projects. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please e‑mail us your full name and address. God bless you!

Your friends at Last Days Ministries


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