Life Has MANY Perspectives !!

Please NOTE: This was originally written as a post on a forum dedicated to individuals who were formerly part of a ministry in Eureka, CA - founded in the 1960-70's by an apostle name of Jim Durkin Sr.

Hi !! Most of you don't know me. I came to GO Eureka around the mid 70's. I was at the Lighthouse Ranch for a VERY short time, then moved to one of the in-town houses to serve at Radiance. I was also at San Diego, CA and Manassas, VA. My background is quite different from most GO'ers. I never used drugs and was not part of the "hippie" or "Jesus People" culture. I was, instead, a successful Field Engineer with IBM. However, like ALL of you, God literally "drove me on" in search of "REAL LIFE' -- Himself. It was this "driving" that brought me to Eureka where, after numerous side roads, I am today.

My view on this issue is, I think, RATHER different from most. I know that back in the "good-old days", the cry was to be "used by God" or to be a "faithful servant" !! I believe that THIS view is as "religious" as the ones that many "Jesus People" sought to escape from !! I don't believe that God want to "USE US", like we were some kind of a tool, to be tossed aside when we reach a certain age -- nor does He want merely "servants". I have increasingly found that what He TRULY wants are vessels (US) that He can live in a symbiotic relationship with, living His life in conjunction with OUR life through us.

The latter is what MOST of us confess with our lips, but do we REALLY know what it means, believe it and live it ?? If we do, there is NO question about us being "over the hill" or "past our days of usefulness" or "used up in God's service" !! He will continue to live and manifest HIS life through us (as long as WE continue to allow it), increasingly conforming us to the "image of Jesus Christ", until the end of our days in THIS body, and then in increasing measures of GLORY in our new bodies. THAT is why He created us !!!!

When I was a young man (in my 30's and 40's), like so many, I was full of myself and thought that I knew ALL about God and Scripture. Since my 50's, I am coming to see that I REALLY, ACTUALLY know very little about God -- just a lot of words, ideas, and doctrines that I got from someone else. He has placed it upon my heart (as He did the Apostle Paul) that the ONLY thing of TRUE value that we can do in this life is to TRULY get to know Him and allow Him to live His life through us !! We then don't need to concern ourselves with, "What should I do to serve God". He will live His life in us as He requires to fulfill His purpose !!!! This DOES NOT have any "age cutoff" - it should continue until we die.

He has also been increasingly showing me that WE - the "church" - and especially myself, are STILL filled with "religiosity, prejudices and stereotypes" !! Many of you already do not like what I post, and you will probably NOT like this paragraph. I did and do love, respect and admire Jim Durkin (Sr.). He was my mentor and was fundamental in establishing my "Christian Walk". However, what he had to say was not "The Last Word" from God nor was it "The Ultimate Truth". He taught in lage part what HE had been taught, and we need to CONTINUE to grow BEYOND what he gave us. Why are OTHER "religious traditions and idols" to be condemned, but the ones that we inherited from Jim and GO MUST have the ultimate "stamp of God" upon them ????

Those who follow the "GO Friends and Today" forums will have noted that of late I have posted MANY songs by a Norwegian singer name of "Sissel" as the framework for one of my, "Words for Today". Probably many are confused as to WHY ?? Some have no doubt said (at least in their hearts) that she is too beautiful, too glamorous, too popular, too admired, too talented, too rich, too "worldly" to be a "TRUE" Christian !!

Heads up now !! Perhaps this message ONLY applies to me, but THESE were MY thoughts and concerns when I first discovered Sissel on YouTube !!

The answer is simple, "Of ALL of the people that I have encountered (most Christians included), she reflects more of the Acceptance, Beauty, Contentment, Generosity of Spirit, Joy, Love and (true) Modesty of God resident in one person" !! I have read as many articles as I could find about her, watched over 500 of her videos and interviews on YouTube, and read thousands of the comments that people leave. Many leave comments like, "She is an Angel sent to us by God." I think what they are trying to say is that they TRULY see God's supernatural manifestation in her. They see something that they KNOW exceeds the ordinary, everyday earthly - a glimpse of God's GLORY shining through this "earthen vessel" !! Can people truly say this about you and I?? I KNOW that there are MANY times when they certainly can NOT say it about ME !!

She reflects both an outer and inner beauty and radiance that are truly captivating. She is a VERY charismatic person.

Bottom line is that, in MY eyes, she is one who reflects the "Glory of God" (such as He has given to her) in her ENTIRE life, at all times in all areas. She may not know any of the "religious clichés", or "religious jargon", or "religious doctrines". She probably doesn't sit around worrying herself about "serving God" or "being USED by Him". She just gets on with her and God together living HIS life.

I DO know that she confesses in public that her entire life has been built upon her Faith in God (on the Rock), and that she knows her gifts and talents are a GREAT gift to be wisely used to serve God. I believe that a song that she often sings reflect her views. The song is, "To God be the Glory" and some of the words are, "ALL that I have and ever hope to be, I owe it ALL to Thee" !!

I don't know what her TRUE "spiritual condition" might be. She doesn't talk much about her private life in public. She was born, raised and still lives in Norway - which previously (up to 2017) was dominated by the state-mandated Lutheran Religion. I can only go by what my outer and inner senses of perception reveal to me. I DO know that God HAS strongly placed her on my heart to pray for.

This Link will take you to a page where you can learn more about Sissel and sample a variety of her various performances on video from YouTube.