God Has Sent To Us One Of His Angels --
Full Of Beauty, Charm and Grace --
Possessing The Voice Of A Heavenly Choir
--To Share With Us His Gift Of Music !!

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Dear Sissel,

I am a GREAT admirer of BOTH your Person and your Singing. It has been almost two years (2021) since I discovered you on YouTube, and I have CAREFULLY watched over 500 of your videos (most many times). I believe that you are one of the finest, most gifted, and special people that God has placed upon this earth.

I have a question that is of great importance to me and (judging from posts on YouTube) also to others that love and honor you as I do.

You have made it VERY clear that you have spent your life bringing honor and glory to God through the tremendous gifts that He has given to you. This is clear from the way that you live your whole life and from the songs that you sing. You have also stated that, "EVERY song that you sing is important to you, and you would not sing them if they were not".

Now, you and you husband have started writing songs that express (as you put it) "Big Questions", or questions and issues that you feel are worthy of being brought to people's attention, in the hopes of effecting change toward a better world. Therefore, I must conclude that YOU believe that the CONTENT of your songs and the WORDS that you sing and share are important, and have power to affect people and situations !!

That being said, the question that troubles some of us is this, "Do you not think that some of the lyrics to the song, 'Imagine' by John Lennon that you often times sing conveys a message that appears to run 100% counter to the values that you live by and that your life represents" ??

I specifically refer to the lyrics, "Imagine there was no religion, no heaven above nor hell below". If by, "no religion", you mean no doctrinal, empty, man-made religious forms and systems - just a sincere, heartfelt relationship with God, our Creator - I can agree fully with you on this, for THAT is how I feel also. We can also certainly ALL most ardently wish that there was no "hell", but Jesus Himself spoke much of it. It IS, however, of concern when you say, "Imagine there was no Heaven", for that implies the corollary, "imagine there was no God"!!

Also, the lyrics, "imagine no possessions" are not only contrary to YOUR personal lifestyle and values (for God has blessed you with GREAT possessions and a fine standard of living) - but is really merely idealistic, Marxist propaganda which can NOT be realized in a free society of imperfect people. It represents the false ideology that John Lennon and his wife infected their young, impressionable followers with. I, for one (nor YOU either, I don't think), would NOT want to live in such a society if it DID exist, since, when such ARE tried, they end up as socialist dictatorships !!

As far as, "Imagine all the people, Living for today" - THAT is EXACTLY what the bulk of society IS doing -- with NO thought for their future, their values, their families and most certainly, NOT their relationship with God !!

Concerning "and the world will be as one", that is something that political dictators and religious zealots have been trying to accomplish since the dawn of mankind. You state in your song, "Free" that YOU want to be, "free to be me" - to act, live, speak, and think FREELY - according to YOUR own beliefs, conscience, convictions and mind. So do I !! We have a movement here (USA), as I am sure that you do also in Norway, called the "Woke Movement". Supposedly, they advocate ALL that would please you as to an ideal society and world.

The problem that arises, however, is that the "FREEDOM" which they advocate is the "freedom" to believe, embrace, value and practice the ideals that THEY advocate, and to see "Truth" as THEY define it. Many of them hate Christians, conservatives, and anyone else who opposes THEIR agenda - and have openly stated that they will do their best to destroy any opposition !! I regret to acknowledge that the same closed-minded intolerance and bigotry also exists within TOO many "christian" circles. So much for Utopian freedom, oneness and universal acceptance and love !!

I suspect that what is in your heart when you sing this song (and others like it) is that you express your DREAM for a society and a world where ALL peoples are respected - free to be themselves - free to be happy and fulfilled - and to live and think as THEY see fit - free from ideological, government, religious or social oppression, persecution and restriction. This is, of course (as you stated in your song and talk "Free"), to be achieved within the moral and ethical guidelines that God has imposed for the well-being of ALL of mankind !!

I wish for such a world also, but I think that you realize (as you stated in your "Talk" regarding your new release, "My Dream") as well as I do that it is NOT going to come upon THIS earth during THIS creation !! John Lennon DID NOT (in my view) do the young people that followed him any favor by filling their minds with a FALSE hope for a hopeless UNREALITY !! I live in the USA and I know that Norway is your home, and that you love it greatly and are VERY proud of it. I have no idea as to the state of YOUR society, but I DO know that we have PLENTY of social problems over here. That being said, I do NOT think that either of us would be able to find a better overall society or government as long as it must be made up of and run by FLAWED human beings !!

In a movie, "Jesus of Nazareth", one of the characters - a political zealot - thought that Jesus had come to help them (the Jews) overthrow the hated Romans. Jesus explained to him, "Governments will NEVER change until the hearts of people change". I think that we BOTH know that there is only ONE source for THAT change, and that is the entry into our OWN heart bringing to and into us a NEW life - God's life through Jesus Christ !!

I DEFINITELY agree with you, that we ALL need a "Dream" or a "Vision" as to what God can and wants to accomplish with and through our individual lives. His Word tells us that, "Without a Vision (Dream), the people perish (are lost, aimless, go astray)" !!

God gave to you a Dream from your very youth. You believed in it, accepted it, and pursued it with your WHOLE being and Life. Through this Dream, He has wrought abundant, supernatural success in your life, as well as super-abounding blessing for those who have received and shared in the fruit of your Gifts and Talents !!

I am sure that you must realize that God has given into your care GREAT "spiritual power". He has placed within you a supernatural charisma and gifting that, through your persona and your voice, you can touch DEEP within a person's emotions, heart and spirit - impressing there what you say and sing, and what they perceive you to be. People honor, love and respect you in a phenomenal way - and they trust and believe in YOU, who you are and what you say. You are MUCH more than a "mere person" to many. I know that you are to me !!

Sissel Kyrkjebø, the international singing sensation and national treasure of Norway, is established as one of the world’s leading crossover sopranos. Her angelic and powerful voice has made Sissel a national institution and she has sung all over the world, selling over ten million solo albums. She has contributed haunting vocal tracks for the soundtrack to Titanic and The Lord of the Rings, and has been performing duets with singers like Charles Aznavour, Andrea Bocelli, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, Mario Frangoulis, Josh Groban, Brian May, Neil Sedaka, Bryn Terfel and Russell Watson.

In 2005, she was knighted by the King of Norway, as the youngest ever to receive this honour. In 2006, her album 'The Spirit of the Season' with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir went to number-one on the Billboard Classical Charts, and received a Grammy nomination. A very remarkable voice that only comes once in our lifetime.

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