Keith Green recognized that these prophetic words, crying to us down through history from John the Baptist, cut like a two-edged sword. On one hand, they offer hope and joy � the Lord is coming! On the other hand, they require of us changed lives.. .Make straight the pathways of your life...

Because of his love for Jesus and for the Word of God, Keith's zeal drew thousands to his message during his few short years of public ministry before his untimely death. His sole desire was to see men, women and young people become free from spiritual darkness, confusion, purposelessness and lukewarm Christianity. Keith's boldness unsettled more complacent Christians, as he pressed into the life of a true disciple, sometimes risking a successful career, his reputation and personal finances � all to discover how to overcome worldliness and sin, and the surest road to God's heart.

Always, the Word of God is Keith's standard and his light in these soul-searching, soul-freeing messages. Always, we find a dedicated friend and teacher � one who is willing to expose his own trials and weaknesses in the light of the Holy Spirit � for our benefit and learning. These are not merely sermons; they are a communion of truth from the deepest, most honest levels of one man's heart to ours.

Throughout these twelve teachings, we confront, with Keith, the subtle enemies of our devotion to Christ: false gospels of comfort and ease; self-centeredness and self-deception; bitterness and unforgiveness; hidden pockets of self-righteousness. No corner of the soul remains hidden from the revealing, cleansing light of God's Word.

The result is more than a collection of teachings � it is a spiritual road each one of us can walk, out of lukewarmness, sin, restlessness or complacency. Keith, his words, and the words of Jesus Christ on which he staked his life, call us out of every shadow and into the life of freedom and happiness that comes in serving Christ.

In these days, when we tend to customize the gospel of Jesus Christ � choosing the parts that fit comfortably, removing the parts that pinch or challenge � we need to hear more prophetic voices calling us out of the wildernesses where we have wandered and back to the straight paths of true discipleship.

Because he spoke for Jesus Christ and Him alone, Keith Green's was one of the clearest, truest voices of our time.

Do you need new spiritual fire?
Do you feel stuck or confused?

Whose voice have you been following?

A Cry in the Wilderness delivers twelve bold messages from Keith Green that will stir the fire of your passion for our Lord and Shepherd, Jesus Christ. A warning casual reader: this book will search your heart with the power of God's Word and the light of the Spirit. You will not be the same. Keith's careful examinations of the life of a true disciple of Christ will give you insight on:

  • the one true gospel � and false gospels we are offered today
  • the meaning of pain and problems
  • the test of money and possessions
  • true spiritual warfare, and escape from temptation
  • the power of a servant
  • prayer, and the sure pathway to God's heart
  • zeal that is life -giving
  • living joyfully under the Lordship of Christ
  • and more...
Keith Green left us a spiritual legacy far greater than his soul-stirring music. This volume is taken from dozens of Bible teachings � and all are swift and powerful as the stroke of a blade. Like a prophet's words, they strike sword-like at lukewarmness and self-centered living. With the precision of a surgeon's scalpel, they restore life and health to the spirit.

This eBook is an electronic transcript of his hardcover book, "A Cry In the Wilderness". It is a collection of 12 of the various messages that he gave throughout his short Christian mission.

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We DEEPLY regret that, due to the "Worldly Powers" at the now Last Days Ministry, I was forced to stop distribution of this eBook because it infringed upon THEIR Copyright Rights !! Even though I created the eBook at MY expense, and have been distributing it TOTALLY without cost (the model that Last Days originally embraced before MONEY became so important to them), again at MY expense, as a tribute and a memorial to Keith.

It is a good thing that Paul and the other apostles didn't copyright their letters, or we might not have a Bible today. As Keith reflected in one of his tracts relating to Gospel music (which, incidently, is one of those NO LONGER available), "A sad day for Christianity when money becomes 'god'" !!!!

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