God Has Sent To Us One Of His Angels --
Full Of Beauty, Charm and Grace --
Possessing The Voice Of A Heavenly Choir
--To Share With Us His Gift Of Music !!

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Sissel - Her Dream and Her Journey

Once-Upon-A-Time, in a country called Norway, there lived a young girl with a Great Dream. She dreamt of becoming a Singer. She wanted to sing -- she knew inside that she had to sing !!

She followed after her Dream with all of her Heart. She never wanted to be a Star -- she never wanted Fame nor Fortune. all that she wanted to do was that which she loved most -- to sing !!

She achieved all of the above -- and so much more !!

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At her core, Sissel is and always was a dreamer, a searcher, a seeker, an explorer and a wanderer in heart and spirit - on a "Spiritual Quest". She realizes that something of extreme value has been lost or misplaced - it isn't here anymore, it is missing - and she must search for and find it !! Her life will feel empty, incomplete, unfulfilled - with an aching, longing and yearning crying out inside until it is found. She doesn't know what it is that was lost, when or where it was lost, or even how to begin the search. She only knows that she must search until either she finds it or she dies !!

Many believe that it is this quality or "gift" (at least in part) that accounts for Sissel's mesmerizing power over her audience. She charismatically imparts this longing to her listeners, and induces them to feel a "part of her search and her journey". Some, who only speak and understand English, notice this quality far more when she is singing in Norwegian, where they are not distracted by the words of the song.

Many sense that this quality was always there in many of the songs that she chooses and in her singing itself - and has grown more intense and prominent as she has matured. They believe that this is a "Spiritual Quest", and not to be fulfilled in nor by any person, place or thing. However, in her 2020 "Trilogy", this longing has been personified into the concept of a dearly beloved who has departed to a great distance away.

In the first video, "I Rest My Eyes" - Sissel explains that this beloved has gone "far away", and she misses him intensely. In her emptiness and loneliness, she watches and longs for his return. Alas, he doesn't come.

In the second video, "The Journey" - she resolves to leave all that she has behind, and go to him. It is a long and dangerous journey - "across the ocean" - and she is ready to undertake this perilous venture in a frail, "sailboat". She isn't mindful of the dangers, nor even of the fact that - when she gets there, she may not find him, he may have chosen another, or he simply does not want her anymore. She only knows, "I must search for my beloved or die of loneliness and a broken heart" !!

In the third video, "Home" - she finally arrives on the distant shore, her beloved is there waiting for her, they are reunited and live happily ever after !! Sissel says that, "She loves happy endings" and, God Bless her warm and wonderful heart, that, "She wants everyone to lead a happy, fulfilled life" !!

It is definitely true, that we all need a "Dream" or a "Vision" as to what God can and wants to accomplish with and through our individual lives. His Word tells us that, "Without a Vision (Dream), the people perish (are lost, aimless, go astray)" !!

God gave to Sissel a Dream from her very youth. She believed in it, accepted it, and pursued it with her whole Being and Life. Through this Dream, He has wrought abundant, supernatural success in her life and super-abounding blessing for those who have received and shared in her Gifts and Talents !!

One of the things that really impresses her fans, as attesting to Sissel's modesty and solid sense of true Value, was a statement that she made during an interview. She stated that, when she was about 18 years old, she was approached by a "big name" in the American Music Industry, offering her an opportunity to move to the USA and become what he called "a Big Star". She declined, stating (to the effect) that she did not want to be put into someone else's "box", but wanted to be free to "chart her own course and seek her own star"!!

She said in another interview that she never wanted to be a "Star", and that she didn't sing for money or fame. She sang for the sheer joy of it - because she had to sing - singing was her lifeblood !! If the Joy ever went out of her singing, she would stop.

Sissel's pure Love of Singing is what makes every song that she sings sparkle with a special life and vibrancy. It is also most evident that she is in her true domain when she is in front of a live audience, where she can experience their love of listening to her !!

Someone was recently complaining that, in their opinion, to be objective, her talent should be considered solely in terms of the quality of her voice and not tied to her appearance or person. However, in the minds of tens-of-thousands of her ardent admirers, her Gifts and Talent encompasses her whole person and not just her voice in isolation !! To get the full appreciation of her Gifts and Talent, one must not only hear Sissel, but see her also !!

She is like a perfect diamond, each facet sparkling with the gleam of her various attributes - her inner and outer Beauty, her Charisma, her Eyes, her Smile, her Voice. One facet can not be separated from another -- they all sparkle together to radiate the glory of the precious gem. Thus it is with Sissel - when God gifted mankind with her Talent, it wasn't just her Voice that He gave, but rather the entire package known as "Sissel" !!

Her beauties are the splendor of the Divine, reflecting and refracting off and through her -- as the beauty of the diamond is the splendor of the Light reflecting and refracting through it!!

Sissel also stated in an interview that, while she was in her early-to-mid 20's, "she found it hard to live with the Angelic reputation that people had given to her." They did this, she stated, because up to that time she had long, honey-brown hair - along with her angelic face and demeanor - and the type of songs that she sang. She knew that she wasn't an Angel, and her friends also told her likewise !

Perhaps that was one of the reasons for her change around 1994 to what one YouTube commentator described as her, "dark, prison cut hairstyle and drab, black attire", as seen in her "Live in Japan" concert of 1994.

Maybe she still finds it hard to live with the image that so many tens-of-thousands have of her as, "A Beautiful, Angelic Gift from God". That is, however, to many, what she certainly is -- "A Divine Gift of Love" from our Creator -- to share His Beauty, Joy and Love with mankind -- a Heavenly Treasure in an earthen vessel !! It isn't just her unequaled Voice or her extraordinary Talent that is the Gift. It is the entire package that God created to be that unique being called "Sissel" !!

To many, Sissel is not just a singer, a performer or an entertainer -- but a true Artist. To them, an artist is one who can take their Art and so convey it in their chosen medium that others can sense, feel and become a part of what was in the Artist's heart, soul and spirit - what they were feeling and experiencing. This Sissel does "par excellence" !!

Another thing that many have observed about her singing is that she doesn't need a "dancing circus" or a stage full of half-naked bodies to maintain the attention of her audience !! In all of her performances - the audience is sitting there giving her their undivided attention by virtue of her charisma, persona and singing alone !! She also always appears as the ideal embodiment of the best qualities of what used to be called "feminine" -- always a "perfect lady" !!

Many believe that the "great power" that guided and empowered the growth and development in Sissel's life is that, "she knows who she is, where she came from and where she is going" !! She knew her calling, gifting, and purpose -- to sing !! She knew that her Talent and her Gifting came from God, and that she was accountable to Him for her use of it. This knowledge gave her the direction, security and strength that enabled her to take the necessary steps and actions in order to allow All that God created her to be to unfold and become actualized !!

A comment someone left on YouTube says it very well. This person stated that, "they had heard many of Sissel's CD-DVD's, but there was no comparison to finally seeing and hearing her live on stage". They said that, "they knew that here wasn't just another singer-performer-entertainer -- but that they were honored to be in the presence of true Greatness (a Great Soul)."

I am sure that Sissel must realize that God has given into her care great "spiritual power". He has placed within her a supernatural charisma and gifting that - through her persona and her voice - she can touch deep within a person's emotions, heart and spirit - impressing there what she says and sings, and what they perceive her to be. People honor, love and respect her in a phenomenal way - and they believe in and trust her, who she is and what she says. Sissel is much more than just a "mere person" to many.

Many, at first, are captivated by her unique beauty, her mesmerizing charisma, her boundless energy, and her unequaled voice. As they listen to and drink deeply of her spirit and the spirit expressed by her hundreds of performances, they become overawed by her immense Talent and Versatility !!

It seems that she can perform almost any genre of music with her same flawless perfection. She has sung fluidly and flawlessly in numerous languages, as well as personally written lyrics for songs , like "Adagio", "The Old Castle" and "Sarah's Song" (written for her youngest daughter). Also, there are five "Trilogies" that she and her husband wrote during the 2000-2023 period.

There are no bounds nor limits to the admiration, appreciation, love and respect for her Person, her Talent and what she has achieved with her life in the eyes of untold thousands of admirers !! I do not believe that it would be overstating the matter in any way to observe that she is truly a once-in-a lifetime prodigy in the realm of her art - akin to Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Chopin and Einstein. To many, she is without peer in respect to the immensity of her Gifting, Talent and Versatility !!

To "Place the Crown upon ALL of these Glories", despite all that has been attributed to Sissel, she still possess those twin pearls of incomparable beauty -- Humility and Modesty. There is a joke that I heard that applies well to her. "Modesty is a wonderful virtue, but when you have so-o-o much to be humble about, it is very hard." Sissel, does indeed have very much to be humble about, and she succeeds very well !!

There are those on YouTube who feel that Sissel is not of this world - that she is a one-time Gift and special Creation sent from our creator above to express His Love and Glory to mankind. At first, their similes may be rather fanciful and exaggerated, but will become clear when you seek to understand the point that they are trying to make. They have rightly discerned and noted that she is far above the average cut of mankind, and one whose like we shall not likely be privileged to know again anytime soon !!

Pertaining to Angels, when listening to some of her songs, the following thought might come to mind:

Usually Angels are depicted (in art) as ultra-sweet, rather childish-girlish looking figures. In certain literature, there is a much better picture - as beings of such grandeur, perfection, power and purity - that to behold their mere presence scorches and consumes your soul and body !!

This is sometimes the impression that many may easily get of Sissel -- such child-like beauty, innocence, love and simplicity in her voice -- and yet such majesty and splendor in her being !!

Someone left a comment on YouTube with one of her videos to the effect of, "God (life) is certainly not 'fair'". Not only has Sissel been given one of the most beautiful singing voices among mankind -- but she has also been endowed with dazzling beauty and hypnotic charisma, charm, and grace" !!

Another person (with malice) stated that, "he didn't think much of a 'god' who singled out one person for such extravagant gifting while leaving others in poverty and misery".

Many have pondered this mystery over the years !! In Sissel's case, one satisfactory conclusion would be that God found in her "a person after His Heart" - one sufficiently humble and modest - one upon whom He could shower His gifts and blessings, who would in return honor Him with them and use them to bless His children of creation.

If you carefully listen to and watch Sissel's videos from her teen years up to present day (2023). you will notice that yes, God most certainly gave to her the "seed of Grace and Talent" - but like the seed of a beautiful and precious flower, it will only grow and blossom through much care, cultivation and hard work. Untended and left to itself, it will often merely wither and rot in the earth.

It will be observed how the "seed that God planted in her" - through what to be sure was a tremendous amount of commitment, dedication, discipline, love, and plain old "hard work" on her part - has blossomed over the years into a truly beautiful, magnificent, and other-worldly flower. This refers not only to her voice, but to her captivating inner and outer beauty, her mesmerizing charisma, and her overwhelming confidence in who she is as manifested in her "stage presence" and in her overall life !!

Sissel has achieved ALL of what the "feminists" are clattering about (and much more) without losing, in the process, her God-given humanity and that which distinguishes her as a woman -- her femininity (in its best and fullest sense) !!

She is not out trying to be, nor protesting for, nor allowing others to twist and shape her into something that God did not make her nor intend for her to be - nor that she does not wish to be. She is very happy and proud to be what God made and intended her to be -- a very beautiful, feminine and lady-like woman !! Rather - she has spent her life discovering, developing and maximizing those very considerable gifts and talents which God has seen fit to entrust to her, and which she joyfully returns back to Him !!

It seems like Sissel's goal is to be and to give the very finest in what she is and what she does - and that she does in abundance. In almost every one of her performances and videos, everything - her person, appearance, clothing, voice, presentation, stage set, music arrangements and choral and musical (vocal) accompaniment are always done to the maximum of aesthetic and technical perfection !! !

It is probably safe to say that Sissel has much more than merely "fulfilled her youthful dream". She would, without doubt, say that it has been fulfilled far beyond her wildest expectations !! The "wish that she made upon that star" so many years ago has been exceedingly granted - the "Impossible Dream" has been made possible !! However, whether or not Sissel has yet found that "elusive treasure from across the ocean", only she knows or can say for certain !!

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Her Dream and Her Journey
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Sissel Kyrkjebø, the international singing sensation and national treasure of Norway, is established as one of the world’s leading crossover sopranos. Her angelic and powerful voice has made Sissel a national institution and she has sung all over the world, selling over ten million solo albums. She has contributed haunting vocal tracks for the soundtrack to Titanic and The Lord of the Rings, and has been performing duets with singers like Charles Aznavour, Andrea Bocelli, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, Mario Frangoulis, Josh Groban, Brian May, Neil Sedaka, Bryn Terfel and Russell Watson.

In 2005, she was knighted by the King of Norway, as the youngest ever to receive this honour. In 2006, her album 'The Spirit of the Season' with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir went to number-one on the Billboard Classical Charts, and received a Grammy nomination. A very remarkable voice that only comes once in our lifetime.

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